Campanula Detail
Campanula Cello

The Association Campanula Musica endeavors to support young gifted music students in their development. Playing on the Campanula impacts playing on classical string instruments. The expansion of sound space and the feedback from sympathetic strings lead young musicians to play in a more relaxed manner . The sound of the Campanula has the effect of an additional inspirational source and allows alternative musical processes to occur. This musical experience helps the musicians to understand music beyond technical perfection, as a means to life energy.

In addition to technical and musical assistance the Campanula offers young musicians numerous opportunities to experiment and expand their own musical expression.
The Campanula encourages free musical improvising and this experience can be transferred to traditional classic string instruments, expanding the musicians‘ playing. Students studying at conservatories can contact us in order to apply for a scholarship. Accepted fellows will play the Campanula for six months free of charge and present their musical experiences at the association’s events.
The fellows will be financially compensated for their performances.

„The Campanula gives me musical freedom. I transfer this musical freedom to the way I play my classical instrument. I also transfer the resonant sound of the Campanula Viola onto my classical viola, so that I start creating a sound that’s completely different. „
Marc Kopitzki, Viola
Student Association at the Lübeck Conservatory of Music and Fellow of Campanula Musica