Steg - Ansicht

The Association presents concerts and events to explore the Campanula and to broaden its audience base. Through the mentorship and social circle of Georg Faust, the longtime Principle Cellist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra,  gifted young musicians participate alongside experienced and well-known musicians  in the association’s concerts and events, with the Campanula as a new sound medium.

Classical compositions selected to explore and enhance the possibilities of the Campanula are paired with musical improvisation inspired by the Campanula’s rich overtones and sound experiences.Members of Campanula Musica Association will be invited to all events.

„My characterization of the Campanula Viola would be: a classical viola with the inherent echo of a cathedral. The sound of the Campanula has a purifying and liberating effect on my mind and leads me to contemplate on the essential aspects of music and life. I thereby feel encouraged to enter new musical territories. The Campanula’s strangely modernistic form already distinguishes itself at first glance from a classical instrument, encouraging and tempting one to freely pursue new musical pathways.“
Verena Wehling, viola
violist at the „Deutsches Sinfonieorchester Berlin“ and participant at Campanula Musica concerts.